Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant Project. have you heard about this ?

i have read about it yesterday in Kosmo and i have been thinking so much about it. haha dont know why lo. for me this is a serious matter. am just want to share about it. em okay if the Jaitapur nuclear plant is completed, it will be the biggest nuclear plant in the world with capacity of 9,900MW. IT'S MEGA WATT DUDE. NO JOKE. HEH

at first, the proposed project went smoothly with only little opposition from the residents. BUT BUT did you remember what had happened on 11th march recently? yes, the tsunami and earthquake things that hit Japan and causes the explosions of its nuclear reactor change the whole perspective of the project. the whole scenario. of course that thing has increased the concern of the residents. hey, they live there. they have the right to concern about the safety status of the project. arising from their serious concern, from peaceful resistance it turns out to be violent as the government insist to continue with the project. haih one killed and some were injured :|

taking view from the RESIDENTS, it's totally a cruel decision. apart from the loss of economic resources, their safety can't be guaranteed. even Japan which got the most advance technology, can't go against the mother nature. Japan itself wants to reconsider its nuclear program and even Germany has stop in adding more reactor in their nuclear plant. why is the government insisted in proceeding it ?

the strong reason behind it is it acts as the alternative resource to generate electricity and of course in terms of greenhouse effects, nuclear power seems to be more practical. less pollution as less carbon gas is produce. moreover, it is very profitable to the industry.

clearly, this project has its own pros and contras. they got to do comprehensive study about this la kan. but things happened if they are meant to. India is an asian country dude. not too far from Malaysia. if anything happen, we too will bear the consequences. righhhhht ? dah lah world's biggest nuclear plant. hehe takot la doh.