Sunday, May 22, 2011

SUKOB in Melaka

so jyeah! i was involved in sports for Kolej Bersekutu UiTM that were held in UiTM Melaka. so it's been a week since i came back from there. hehe! i think i miss all the moments there. eventhough we only stayed for 5 days, each day was priceless. for me je la for sure. haha am joining the netball team. i love netball so much. hehe! our netball team managed to survive until quarter final. our opponents are Risda, KTT and IPB. i was emotional through out the match with IPB and i dont know why. sebab our team tak teror kot. haisyyy i was crying when the match is over. haha loser betul. am felt very useless in that match. feels like am contribute none for my team. huhu..

my knees, elbow and shoulder were injured. got serious bruises some more. huhu i fell during our training with KPTM Bangi. haha belum ape2 dah luka. plus seluar koyak kat lutut. memang terbaik la. but whatever it is i feel so lucky that i got the chance to represent my college. before this, i dont have any interest to join this kind of activity. am kinda reserved. and shy. hahah! but as this is the last semester in college, aku join je la. other than dapat jalan2, konon2 like last contribution la kat college. haha cam gampang. nampak sangat takde contribute ape2 sebelum nih. sorry! hee

i dont know how many college that take part in that sports. but its like sooo many! all the atlets pun seriously ramai gilaaaa. haihh jakun sangat nokk. well its my first time kan. so forgiven lah. hehehe booo! i got sunburn too~ seriously it takes forever for my face to come back to normal. eceh speaks like am so cerah pulekk. pui! hahaa here some pictures! am the GA =) pictures are courtesy from Miss Yanie's FB.

hehe thats all. till next post! :)