Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ghost stories

does anyone here doesnt like ghost stories? i bet none. no matter how penakut YOU are, YOU still have some guts to read it. but not long after that YOU begin to regret of what YOU were read because YOU started to imagine things exactly like in the stories when YOU were in bathroom or sitting alone in your bedroom at 3am in the morning (well, YOU refers to me actually. hahahaha) anyway, i got some stories to tell which happened in my house. yes, in my house. how cool is that?? haha this is surely based on a true stories not the making up ones. before that, what 'ghost' really means to you? do you believe it? are the things like orang bunian, jelmaan setan, spirits, genies, classified as ghost? lol hell boring. banyak tanya pulak perempuan nih kan.

prayer mat (sejadah)
the prayer mat in my parents' room often gone missing countless times. we searching for it all over the room but couldnt find it. my mom kept searching like, hundred times at the usual place she hang the mat, still hopeless. then, the next day, she found that mat hanging just perfect at the usual place. fine.

the iron suddenly turned on. usually in the middle of the night. you know, when an iron gets hot theres a tick sound. my mom often heard that sound while she sleep them when she check, yes its turned on. of course dah buat sesi soal jawab dengan semua orang and it turn out, nobody were using it.

same goes to my little brother's shirts. many of his shirts gone missing without trace. haha macam cerita without a trace pulak. cari lah bagai nak gila pun, its failed. unless, someone in my family diam diam pergi jual dekat bundle. hahah!

mysterious woman
happened long ago in the living room around 3am in the morning. my eldest brother who just came back from melepak saw a woman sitting on the sofa looking straight to the television. that is why i never went to bathroom at the time like that. sanggup aku tunggu dalam bilik hingga subuh -.-

my laptop
i once blog about this in my old blog. my sister yang tengah tidur tidur ayam, heard somebody/something typing on my laptop like nak bagi keyboard ni rosak. she took a glance at my laptop on the table and very sure nobody is there. at that time, around 3am in the morning of course i am in the middle of journey to the moon. i left my laptop on because i thought my sister wants to use it after me. guess am wrong. instead of my sister, something else use it. shoulda check for finger prints the next morning O_O

ive read an article in newspaper back about 2 months ago. its about makhluk halus yang tumpang solat kat sebuah rumah. owner takde kat rumah like 2 3 days. bila balik, prayer mats tersusun dalam kedudukan solat jemaah. not only that, it happens again after that tapi kali ni kedudukan solat jenazah. how creepy was that?? huhu i dont really remember what newspaper was that. maybe kosmo or else, harian metro. search for yourself online kay? after reading that article, my mom consider there are makhluk halus yang tumpang kat rumah kitaorang. borrow things. sape tak takut hoi. but they are ALLAH's creations too. bulu roma aku selalu meremang bila mak aku kata ' ada hantu agaknya kat rumah ni '

theres a lot more happened but hesitate nak story because its more frightening. my mom got a lot more experience but she refuse to tell because she know am too penakut. dah cukup berani, aku cerita 0_o

Monday, August 22, 2011


its appreciate. frankly speaking i often took for granted to the people around me. back when i was in high school, a lot of things that happened taught me that i better off alone. its a mess when there were too many people. but it was back then. now, i feel that is way too selfish. you dont know what you got until its gone. yes, you only realize the presence of a thing when its not there anymore. i dont want to face that. thus am learning to appreciate those around. i believe if we truly appreciate others, many more will come around us :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

brain disorder

have you ever been struck by some kind of brain disorder where at some time, you got so many things to say to write or even to mumble, but when you got the chance to express it, you suddenly went blank. gosh, well its not exactly we called brain disorder isnt? haha but who cares. i insist to named it like that. so people, this is what happen to me. when i got so many time and things to write here in my blog, i went blank. but just the time i went to bed, or just after i shut down my laptop the things poofff! come out -,- pity me.

its saturday but nothing much i do today. well got some plans at the first place but ended up being cancel. so here i am with thesameboredthingseveryday-online. its kinda disappointing that i wasted my months of holiday just like that. okay tak payah nak regret sangat la kan tapi tapi nak regret a little jugak. hmm. some say that its good we enjoy during this holiday as we will be damn busy when the degree start. no more cutigoyangkaki after this. if there is, its only in your dream~ plus minus theres only 3 weeks left before it ends. ouch!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mak, Ikmal Hakim dan John Terry

assalamualaikum! am totally bored right now so just wanna share about my youngest brother, ikmal hakim. he's only 12 years old and very addicted to football. like seriously. ask him almost everything about football, he can answer it at no time. cehh he's not stick at just one team but other teams as well. MUnyet pun dia sokong. but its okay luckily you are my brother. haha

lately, he is into a new card games which is called Match Attax. person who wanna play that game should collect as many card as they can which each card got their own football player. each player card will stated their position, score for attacking, defencing and bla bla bla (i bet u dont understand, hihi) lagi hebat player tu lagi tinggi la scores nye. for example see the picture below.

thus, as he already addicted to collect that cards in order to get best player card, almost everyday he pau me to bought it. 1 packet $3.90 with 6 cards inside. so last two days i treat him another packet of cards and he finally gets John Terry. he excitedly showed it to our mom and said, ' mak mak, akim dapat John Terry. hehe ' then my mom reaction ' ... ' hahaha my mom kept silent. boo ikmal akim! i laugh myself out and said ' isy kau ni bajet mak kenal la pulak John Terry tu sape ' hahaha

example of first eleven of his teams before he got John Terry. haha

as he got no buddy at home, im the only one he'll ask to play that game with him, showed every of his favorite cards to me, tell me this and that, what card he exchanged with his schoolmates, he wins or lose and lots more. banyak songeh but what to do hes my only little brother =)

seriously i dont like it !

assalamualaikum! straight to my point, i dont like indonesian drama! i dont get it why all people in my house like it so much -,- lagi lagi drama kat tv9 pukul 5.30 petang tu. i dont know the title. but the one that got nikita, dony etc. huarghhh i cant even tuned in to other channel AT ALL. there will be scary voice that said ' tukar balik tv9. sekarang ! ' :( ape yang best entah cerita tu :((

and and all indonesian drama, the plots are quite the same. guys chasing for a girl or something like that. what a bored story! plus the most annoying part, the episodes are too many. sometimes it reach hundreds episode. so long that it annoys me. it feels like forever for the drama to end. the ending is so typical but what makes it reach hundreds episode is just it got so many crisis along the journey. please someone tell me what makes you interested enough to follow that drama from beginning to the end. if it is because the main role is handsome, pretty or in the similar meaning, gosh i dont know what to say :|

i prefer korean drama rather than indonesian ones. although it gives similar plot BUT the episode are not that long. cepat je habis. kan jah ?! grrr well this is just my random opinion. *emo kan saya?* mesti la emo tak dapat tengok Music Bank !!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

almost 3 months now

assalamualaikum! today is another day i enjoy my long holidays. another day without a job =P another day at home. another day as a full time housewife. hehe! i admit that this holidays is totally bored but i rather face it than have to go for classes. haha.. its almost 3 months now since i started my holidays. my degree studies will start on 12th September. ah not ready not ready...haha am scared ! its been a long time since i write notes, take quizzes, sit for exams, attend classes. plus i dont know how to survive in shah alam since the environment will be totally different than when i was in kuantan. think my brain is already rusting. haha -,-

am super lazy at home. instead of house works, i spent most of my time online! i hate facebook so much because i cant held myself from stop staring at it for hours but seriously i cant do nothing about it because it is way too addicting. uarghhh!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

its been so long, that i havent seen your face :)

assalamualaikum! nyanyi sikit untuk title. pinjam lagu akon~ hehe huiyoo lame sangat dah blog ni ditinggalkan. teruk betul -,- banyak cerita tapi malas nak menulis. online setiap hari almost 24/7 tapi blog tak pernah nak update. ah my bad~