Sunday, August 14, 2011

almost 3 months now

assalamualaikum! today is another day i enjoy my long holidays. another day without a job =P another day at home. another day as a full time housewife. hehe! i admit that this holidays is totally bored but i rather face it than have to go for classes. haha.. its almost 3 months now since i started my holidays. my degree studies will start on 12th September. ah not ready not ready...haha am scared ! its been a long time since i write notes, take quizzes, sit for exams, attend classes. plus i dont know how to survive in shah alam since the environment will be totally different than when i was in kuantan. think my brain is already rusting. haha -,-

am super lazy at home. instead of house works, i spent most of my time online! i hate facebook so much because i cant held myself from stop staring at it for hours but seriously i cant do nothing about it because it is way too addicting. uarghhh!