Saturday, August 20, 2011

brain disorder

have you ever been struck by some kind of brain disorder where at some time, you got so many things to say to write or even to mumble, but when you got the chance to express it, you suddenly went blank. gosh, well its not exactly we called brain disorder isnt? haha but who cares. i insist to named it like that. so people, this is what happen to me. when i got so many time and things to write here in my blog, i went blank. but just the time i went to bed, or just after i shut down my laptop the things poofff! come out -,- pity me.

its saturday but nothing much i do today. well got some plans at the first place but ended up being cancel. so here i am with thesameboredthingseveryday-online. its kinda disappointing that i wasted my months of holiday just like that. okay tak payah nak regret sangat la kan tapi tapi nak regret a little jugak. hmm. some say that its good we enjoy during this holiday as we will be damn busy when the degree start. no more cutigoyangkaki after this. if there is, its only in your dream~ plus minus theres only 3 weeks left before it ends. ouch!