Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ghost stories

does anyone here doesnt like ghost stories? i bet none. no matter how penakut YOU are, YOU still have some guts to read it. but not long after that YOU begin to regret of what YOU were read because YOU started to imagine things exactly like in the stories when YOU were in bathroom or sitting alone in your bedroom at 3am in the morning (well, YOU refers to me actually. hahahaha) anyway, i got some stories to tell which happened in my house. yes, in my house. how cool is that?? haha this is surely based on a true stories not the making up ones. before that, what 'ghost' really means to you? do you believe it? are the things like orang bunian, jelmaan setan, spirits, genies, classified as ghost? lol hell boring. banyak tanya pulak perempuan nih kan.

prayer mat (sejadah)
the prayer mat in my parents' room often gone missing countless times. we searching for it all over the room but couldnt find it. my mom kept searching like, hundred times at the usual place she hang the mat, still hopeless. then, the next day, she found that mat hanging just perfect at the usual place. fine.

the iron suddenly turned on. usually in the middle of the night. you know, when an iron gets hot theres a tick sound. my mom often heard that sound while she sleep them when she check, yes its turned on. of course dah buat sesi soal jawab dengan semua orang and it turn out, nobody were using it.

same goes to my little brother's shirts. many of his shirts gone missing without trace. haha macam cerita without a trace pulak. cari lah bagai nak gila pun, its failed. unless, someone in my family diam diam pergi jual dekat bundle. hahah!

mysterious woman
happened long ago in the living room around 3am in the morning. my eldest brother who just came back from melepak saw a woman sitting on the sofa looking straight to the television. that is why i never went to bathroom at the time like that. sanggup aku tunggu dalam bilik hingga subuh -.-

my laptop
i once blog about this in my old blog. my sister yang tengah tidur tidur ayam, heard somebody/something typing on my laptop like nak bagi keyboard ni rosak. she took a glance at my laptop on the table and very sure nobody is there. at that time, around 3am in the morning of course i am in the middle of journey to the moon. i left my laptop on because i thought my sister wants to use it after me. guess am wrong. instead of my sister, something else use it. shoulda check for finger prints the next morning O_O

ive read an article in newspaper back about 2 months ago. its about makhluk halus yang tumpang solat kat sebuah rumah. owner takde kat rumah like 2 3 days. bila balik, prayer mats tersusun dalam kedudukan solat jemaah. not only that, it happens again after that tapi kali ni kedudukan solat jenazah. how creepy was that?? huhu i dont really remember what newspaper was that. maybe kosmo or else, harian metro. search for yourself online kay? after reading that article, my mom consider there are makhluk halus yang tumpang kat rumah kitaorang. borrow things. sape tak takut hoi. but they are ALLAH's creations too. bulu roma aku selalu meremang bila mak aku kata ' ada hantu agaknya kat rumah ni '

theres a lot more happened but hesitate nak story because its more frightening. my mom got a lot more experience but she refuse to tell because she know am too penakut. dah cukup berani, aku cerita 0_o