Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mak, Ikmal Hakim dan John Terry

assalamualaikum! am totally bored right now so just wanna share about my youngest brother, ikmal hakim. he's only 12 years old and very addicted to football. like seriously. ask him almost everything about football, he can answer it at no time. cehh he's not stick at just one team but other teams as well. MUnyet pun dia sokong. but its okay luckily you are my brother. haha

lately, he is into a new card games which is called Match Attax. person who wanna play that game should collect as many card as they can which each card got their own football player. each player card will stated their position, score for attacking, defencing and bla bla bla (i bet u dont understand, hihi) lagi hebat player tu lagi tinggi la scores nye. for example see the picture below.

thus, as he already addicted to collect that cards in order to get best player card, almost everyday he pau me to bought it. 1 packet $3.90 with 6 cards inside. so last two days i treat him another packet of cards and he finally gets John Terry. he excitedly showed it to our mom and said, ' mak mak, akim dapat John Terry. hehe ' then my mom reaction ' ... ' hahaha my mom kept silent. boo ikmal akim! i laugh myself out and said ' isy kau ni bajet mak kenal la pulak John Terry tu sape ' hahaha

example of first eleven of his teams before he got John Terry. haha

as he got no buddy at home, im the only one he'll ask to play that game with him, showed every of his favorite cards to me, tell me this and that, what card he exchanged with his schoolmates, he wins or lose and lots more. banyak songeh but what to do hes my only little brother =)