Tuesday, August 16, 2011

seriously i dont like it !

assalamualaikum! straight to my point, i dont like indonesian drama! i dont get it why all people in my house like it so much -,- lagi lagi drama kat tv9 pukul 5.30 petang tu. i dont know the title. but the one that got nikita, dony etc. huarghhh i cant even tuned in to other channel AT ALL. there will be scary voice that said ' tukar balik tv9. sekarang ! ' :( ape yang best entah cerita tu :((

and and all indonesian drama, the plots are quite the same. guys chasing for a girl or something like that. what a bored story! plus the most annoying part, the episodes are too many. sometimes it reach hundreds episode. so long that it annoys me. it feels like forever for the drama to end. the ending is so typical but what makes it reach hundreds episode is just it got so many crisis along the journey. please someone tell me what makes you interested enough to follow that drama from beginning to the end. if it is because the main role is handsome, pretty or in the similar meaning, gosh i dont know what to say :|

i prefer korean drama rather than indonesian ones. although it gives similar plot BUT the episode are not that long. cepat je habis. kan jah ?! grrr well this is just my random opinion. *emo kan saya?* mesti la emo tak dapat tengok Music Bank !!!