Saturday, November 12, 2011

hujan airmata

dah lama tak nangis macam orang gila. gila betul. takpe. nangis boleh kurangkan stress.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

hibernation is over. maybe.

i miss to blog. like seriously. got so many to stories to tell but each time i stare at the keyboard, i lost the words. eceh well currently im knocking my head down for degree level in shah alam. its been like 2 months already. none of the day i dont stressed out :( degree is not like what i expected. its like thousands times difficult i could say. urghhh susah gila !! okay lets not talk about it. i might lost the words again. haha

yesterday i went out for movies. real steel and dont be afraid of the dark. yess i watched two movies. syiok. thanks to a friend of mine for the treat. i know its been ages since real steel been release. only yesterday i got the chance to watch it. poor me huh -__- hugh jackman sangat handsome ! hes 43 yet still charming. melted. haha i remember when he was on the lipton iced tea tv commercial, hes looking damn cute doing the dance step. hahaha