Wednesday, September 5, 2012

in a blink of an eye, pooof !

assalamualaikum and hi !

my holiday is approaching to an end ! luckily i did the intersession during this long holiday so only little of time is wasted. haha and jyeah this coming semester will be my third semester in UiTM Shah Alam. which means i got another 3 semesters left there. how time flies -,- my result for last semester alhamdulillah it's worth my effort (dah basi pun nak cerita). ramadhan went well. so did syawal. (both also dah basi nak cerita) no posts for that as i'm too lazy to wrote in here. heh

okay ! i own a cat now ! can you believe it?! after like 7 years living without a single cat at home, i finally have one! i'm so happy la wei ! haha the only reason that stops my family to have cats in house is my mother's condition. she's having eczema. you know the inflammation of the skin that causes itching. she's very sensitive to dust and cat fur. so how can i have one, now? jeng jeng jeng. what a long story. it's more like rela paksa for my mother. hehe the cat is actually belong to an auntie whom i didn't know. she offer to give the cat to my sister (my brother's girlfriend) since she didn't want to take care of it anymore. the cat was extremely in bad condition when the first time my sister take him in. poor little guy. we believe that the cat had experiencing severe abuse.

since my sister had a very little time to give attention to that poor cat, she decided to ask for my brother to take care of it. that's the story, for short. haha i was like, ya Allah it was extremely awesome ! you wouldn't know how much i love cats ! hee !

can you see how pemalas is he? he's definitely my type. sama2 pemalas ! haha the auntie said, his name is miu2. what a cute name. i prefer a more violent one since it is a male. so i call him XAVI. (sounds violent enough? tak violent pun tak pe lah) hahah -,-