Tuesday, February 19, 2013


assamualaikum and hi !

unbelievable. i'm only updating my blog once in every semester break? O.O never mind. it's not a crime after all. hehe so here i am. with nothing to mumble. okay how about we go for random things ? em em.

lately, have you guys noticed it is the season where people getting married, getting engaged and also giving birth to a baby ?! oh God, it's awesome ! i spent most of my time browsing around the facebook to see all the pictures of my friends who were gotten married and engaged. there were some of my friends expecting babies and given birth. they were very lucky. i envy them ! hehe when la will be my turn ? jengjengjeng =3

also, this upcoming semester i'll be in part 7. so another one year to go before i end my degree. seriously how time flies. i can't wait to get a job. i need to work hard for my family since my father is facing some health problems that now he's taking a long leave from work. this is the heaviest test that Allah gives to my family. we need to be strong and have faith in Him. He'll never test His servant beyond their ability. i trust Allah. it's all that matter. :)

okay, what were the things that i have done during the break? hmm not much really. i did worked part time but now it has over. just waiting for the salary. ahh it's feels like forever. T_T i rarely went out. just a few times bringing my furry baby for a walk in the taman tasik, accompanying my cousin to Publika and that's all. boringgg :) things that i often do is taking my parents to hospital for checkup. basically i'm a driver. but i love this job. easy way to earn pahala since i'm helping my parents ! :))

em em it's already maghrib. till next post ! heh